History Of Yacon Syrup Root Extract

Yacon Syrup Root Extract is taken from the Yacon Plant found in the Andes Mountains. Although it has been a new phenomenon to us now, Yacon has been used for decades. It dates back to the Incas!

The extracts of the Yacon plant are very low in sugar and low in calories.

History Of Yacon Syrup Root ExtractFirst the roots are harvested, washed, crushed, and milled. The raw juices are then squeezed out of the Yacon and captured in tanks. Then, the Yacon juice is sent through mechanical filters to remove any fiber particles. Yacon Syrup Root Extract is made just like molasses. It gets heated and evaporated until it produces a thick and condensed syrup. The end product is sweet without having high levels of sugar. It takes about 14 pounds of fresh Yacon to make one pound of syrup.

Yacon Syrup Root Extract contain prebiotics, like inulin and fructooligosaccharides, also know as FOS. FOS is a concentration of sugars that are naturally found in many plants, particularly the yacon plant. FOS with stand breakdown of the enzymes in the human digestive system and make their way to the colon without being digested. This means, Yacon Syrup Root Extract is very low in calories.

FOS plays the role of soluble fiber and increases stool bulk to help with constipation. Yacon’s FOS also helps feed beneficial bacteria in the colon, which helps boost your immune system and weight loss.

Because of these FOS, Yacon is able to help control appetite and food cravings, help with metabolic syndrome, high cholesterol and diabetes.